How To Add Healthy Fats In Your Diet

How To Add Healthy Fats In Your Diet
How To Add Healthy Fats In Your Diet

. If you want to add healthy fats in your diet to help your skin hair and nails try these good fats and see the glowing benefits
You need:.
Omega 3.
Olive oil.

– 1 –
Take a trip to the store. Not only add these items to what you already have-trade them in. Trading in other fat (such butter or canola oil) for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Do the same when you buy almonds (unsalted and unroasted) for salted peanuts.

– 2 –
Use olive oil as your main cooking and baking ingredient. Scramble eggs in a light (1 tsp) oiled skillet. Bake a homemade pizza and top with olive oil or homemade pesto.

– 3 –
Ingest Omega 3 found in fatty fish such as salmon halibut or trout up to three times a week.

– 4 –
Take a handful of almonds for a late afternoon snack. If you need that chocolate increases mix ten almonds with three dark chocolate kisses.

– 5 –
Take a flaxseed tablet every day up to three times a day.

Tips and Warnings

always eat according to the nutrition label. If ten almonds a servant not overdue serving size / share.
A teaspoon of olive oil goes a long way.
Skim pantry for other fatty items you have. Trade in these items for healthier alternatives.
Always consult a doctor when changing your diet.