How To Lower Metabolism And Burn Fat With Food

How To Lower Metabolism And Burn Fat With Food
How To Lower Metabolism And Burn Fat With Food

It is a fact that vigorous exercise increases your metabolism helping your body burn calories at a higher rate. It can also be logical to think that cutting out your favorite foods from your diet is a necessity. But science has shown that many of our favorite foods actually help to improve overall health. To burn more fat and get a higher metabolism try implementing these simple changes in diet
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Have some coffee. According to research about two cups of coffee per day will increase metabolism for one and half hour thereafter. The caffeine in coffee is what does the trick so make sure yours is caffeinated. It’s also best to drink it black. Cream or sugar minimizes the effect so if you must use it use it sparingly.

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Take a trip down to the grocery store dairy aisle. Women taking 1000 to 1400 milligrams of calcium per day burn more fat and calories. You need 3 to 4 servings of dairy products a day to get this amount so enjoy some low-fat yogurt cheese and milk every day. Calcium is also found in leafy green vegetables nuts and beans oranges salmon and sardines.

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Eat more eggs beans and meat. Try to get 40 percent of your daily calories from protein. You lose more body fat than those whose diets have only 15 percent protein with the same number of calories. Go for lean meats like chicken and some cuts of beef.

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Start your morning right with whole-grain cereal. Whole grains take longer to digest. Athletes who follow this advice burn more fat during exercise and during the day than those who eat one bagel which are digested faster.