How To Add Vitamin D To Your Diet

How To Add Vitamin D To Your Diet
How To Add Vitamin D To Your Diet

Vitamin D plays an important role in keeping our body works. It can protect us from a variety of ailments is needed for proper immune system and muscle functions and energy metabolism. ? You get an adequate amount
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The most abundant source of vitamin D is sunshine. Experts say that 15 minutes of unprotected sun during the hours of noon-15: 00 should provide your body with an adequate amount of vitamin D.

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If you do not live in a sunny climate vitamin D is also found in oily fish such as sardines salmon and mackerel. If you can not stomach the taste of fish it can also be found in egg yolks.

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In addition there are several products such as milk orange juice and cereals that are fortified with vitamin D. You can also take a separate supplement of vitamin D.

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But how much is enough? First I would recommend having your doctor check your vitamin D levels. Many of us for a variety of reasons will not have enough so it’s a good idea to see how much you as an individual requires. That being said it is recommended Institute of Medicine 200 international units (IU) for children and adults under 51 400 IU for adults 51-70 and 600 IU for everyone older than 70.