Green Tea Diet For Weight Loss

Green Tea Diet For Weight Loss
Green Tea Diet For Weight Loss

Nutritionists and dieters have touted the effects of green tea for weight loss. The special ingredient in green tea is a polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is something that has properties known to affect the body’s heat production process. Heat the internal structure affects our metabolism and encourage weight loss. Grab a cup of green tea instead of the afternoon soda to charge your metabolism and start losing weight
How Green tea helps weight loss
Green tea encourages weight loss through thermogenesis or body heat production that affect the metabolic process. Powerful polyphenols burn fat and even reduces the production of leptin which is a chemical that encourages the body to store fat and increase appetite.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that men who drank three cups of green tea a day burned an additional 80 calories per day.

Drink at least 3 to 5 cups per day to experience some of the weight loss effects of green tea. You can also get the effect of green tea through a green tea patch or through green tea supplements.
Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
reap some of the many benefits of drinking green tea. Aside from increasing your metabolism regulates Green tea also blood sugar and stops fat absorption. Eat a healthy well-balanced diet that includes lean protein from chicken or fish plenty of vegetables fruits and nuts to fuel weight loss.

Green tea also comes with many health benefits. The main polyphenols also can reduce the incidence of cancer rheumatoid arthritis high cholesterol infections and cardiovascular disease.
Disadvantages of Drinking Green Tea
Although green tea can help you lose weight you still have to do the work. Green tea is not a magic cure for obesity so even if you take green tea you still need to eat a healthy low-calorie diet and exercise to see results.

Most of the powerful green tea resources have caffeine. If you have health problems or trying to reduce caffeine intake you may want to consider a green tea patch or supplements.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding check with your doctor before integrating a green tea diet into your daily diet.