South Beach Diet Food List For Phase 1

South Beach Diet Food List For Phase 1
South Beach Diet Food List For Phase 1

The South Beach Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston as a long term weight loss solution. The diet is divided into three phases with the final phase being a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain for a lifetime. The first phase is the most restrictive and lasts for two weeks. During this time should leaner focus on avoiding sugar flour and processed foods. Counting calories is not important as long as you eat the right foods during this time
All kinds of fish are allowed on this diet. This includes salmon anchovies mackerel tilapia and sardines. Oily types of fish may seem fattening but they contain healthy omega-3 oils which are recommended by the South Beach Diet. Chicken and turkey white meat is both acceptable foods as long as you remove the skin. Dark meat is higher in fat and cholesterol and you should avoid it at this stage. Enjoy lean meats but you should avoid fatty meats such as brisket ribs or calf. Bacon and sausage breakfast is both high in saturated fat and not suitable for the South Beach Diet.

Avoid meat that has been treated with sugar maple cured ham or honey baked lunch meat. Check labels to make sure the meat you buy does not contain hidden sugars.
Skim milk is an acceptable food in Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet which are cheeses prepared with 2 percent low-fat or fat-free milk. Creamy cheeses are not permitted during this period even if they are fat-free. Use butter very sparingly or not at all at this stage.
Green leafy vegetables are highly recommended in the South Beach Diet. These foods are low in calories and fat but will help you feel full in this restrictive phase. While most vegetables are acceptable avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes carrots and sweet potatoes. You should also avoid corn beets butternut squash and acorn squash in phase one.
In phase 1 obtain most of your needs carbohydrates from vegetables and dairy products. Bread pasta rice and cereals are not permitted at this time but they will be reintroduced later during other phases of the South Beach Diet.
Dieters should stick to zero-calorie beverages while on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. Drink water tea sweetened with zero-calorie artificial sweetener or sugar-free drink mixes instead of soda or juice which is high in sugar.