Disadvantages Of High Protein Diets

Disadvantages Of High Protein Diets
Disadvantages Of High Protein Diets

Diets that focus on an intake of low carbs and high in protein has become a popular way to lose weight but they come with drawbacks
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Chicken fish eggs and lean meat are staples of high-protein diet. With the exception of vegetables there are not many other foods to choose from.
No Sugar
All on a high protein diet provides sugar — both good and bad sources. Not only are cookies cake and ice prohibited but also the most high-protein diets suggest you give up fruits and berries.
Lack of energy
The first two weeks of popular low-carb plans like Atkins and South Beach diets use a two-week Introduction” phase that eliminates most carbohydrates which often leaves dieters feeling sluggish.
Supplements Needed
Since dieters following a high-protein diet may miss important nutrients from fruits and vegetables most need to supplement your diet with vitamins and fiber pills.
High-protein diet consists of strict meal plans that can gather up food costs. On top of purchasing supplements and protein-enriched foods certain high-protein diets require purchase a plan.”