To Eat Without Choking

To Eat Without Choking
To Eat Without Choking

Choking can be life threatening. Eating right is very important and eat slowly is vital. There are many techniques you can use to slow down to eat and to make sure that you chew each bite of food to avoid suffocation. Follow these tips on how to eat without choking

– 1 –
Use your fork down method to prevent choking. Every time you take a bite put down the fork. It will keep you awake and keep you from racing with food. Take time to enjoy your meal.

– 2 –
Chew each bite slowly and completely. We sometimes tend to eat large pieces of food and too much at once so chew food thoroughly and at least 3 to 5 times before swallowing.

– 3 –
Drink plenty of water. Be sure to lubricate the passage ways and always drink when you eat a meal. Water is the best choice and sets the best possible way.

– 4 –
Try not to talk while eating. Many talk during meals and it may open the airways and food may go down the wrong pipe. Try to eat chew swallow put your fork or spoon down then talk.

– 5 –
Try to sit down when you eat. With the hustle and bustle everyday routines we tend to eat quickly and while standing up. Try to sit and relax when you eat.
Eat quantities of food that is appropriate for your height size and weight. If you overeat it can lead to choking because the body does not know how to handle so much food.