Human Intestinal Parasite Treatments

Human Intestinal Parasite Treatments
Human Intestinal Parasite Treatments

Two important parasites Cyclospora and trichinosis can be found in the gut. These parasites enter the body through contaminated water raw or undercooked fish and meat imported fruit and vegetables and in some cases from interactions with pets. An attack by parasites can cause serious problems that diarrhea bloating abdominal pain chronic fatigue and unexplained headaches. That’s good news though: there are treatments that can help in recovery
After an initial visit to a doctor in which three stool samples are tested for parasites medications are prescribed which will fight against the parasite. Depending on the type of parasite which include Vermox ® Mintezol ® Flagyl ® and Biltricide ®.
Homeopathic remedies which Cina for pinworms and Rumex crispus and spigellia for worm infections may be effective. The dose is usually 12X to 30C every one to four hours.
Pumpkin seeds pomegranates beets and carrots have anti-worming ingredients. In addition drink plenty of water cleanses the body while the fiber will promote healthy bowel elimination.
Garlic and goldenseal are two highly effective herbs in the fight against parasites. Although garlic can be eaten raw or taken in either capsule or tablet form and is very effective against roundworms has goldenseal proven to be highly effective against infections and attacks. The effective ingredient of goldenseal berberine is a good inhibitor of several parasites.
Maintaining a diet free of refined foods (white sugar and white flour) is a necessity in the fight against parasites. Substitute whole grains for refined cuisine.
Subsequent treatment
A month after finishing treatment must host (the person infected with parasites) to be retested. A doctor will test the stool to see if the parasites are gone and will advise on how to avoid reinfestation. Patients must then be re-tested on an annual basis.