How To Plan Your Schedule For Exercise

How To Plan Your Schedule For Exercise
How To Plan Your Schedule For Exercise

It is not a matter of finding time to exercise it’s a matter of making time: that is planning the time you already have and scheduling time for exercise. Do not say you’re going to work out-write it down. Put it on top of your to-do list and do not skip it!
If you’re like most people you already have enough time to exercise it’s just a matter of finding the time and planning it when it will make you the most amount of good. And would you be most likely to stick with an exercise program if you do not always feel rushed or feel you should do something else.
You need:
A sheet Mobile. Calendar.
Pencil or pen.

– 1 –
Use a calendar or just a plain sheet and take your daily schedule. What you want to do is to see where you have blocks of time that are already available. For example use a lot of time watching TV? Consider recording only the programs you want to watch then watch them when it suits you and skip commercials. A one hour show will probably only take you only 35-40 minutes to show so you have 20 minutes to spare to exercise.

– 2 –
If you belong to a gym or considering becoming one when you are most likely to use the gym time? After work during lunch or in the morning? Some gyms open as early as 4 am or 5 am so consider adding the gym before work. That way you exercise and shower before work. The rest of the day you can be happy with yourself for already working out!

– 3 –
Lunch time training is another option but you must allow for time to change clothes and clean up before returning to work. If you are a student housewife or working from home this may be less problematic for you. However to create a schedule and sticking to it is necessary if you are to see the results of your training efforts. Do not be tempted to eat lunch first and then training will be full and will not feel like doing much and you can also give yourself a stomach ache. Work out first leave yourself some time and then eat a light lunch. If you’re absolutely ravenous eating something small and easy to digest before the training such as yoghurt or a slice of toast with peanut butter.

– 4 –
After work or evening workouts might be best for you if you have a very stressful job and have to work off stress. Or maybe you’re just an evening person. Evening routines are often the most difficult to stick with because during the day which always comes up that you need to process and that often means skipping your workout to get errands done. Avoid exposing your workout after dinner if you can otherwise you will end up waiting for dinner digests and meanwhile it gets later and later and then it’s too late to train because it’s bedtime. Establish a workout time and plan dinner and shower (and everything else you need to do) around workout. If exercise is not on top of your to-do list it probably will not get done.

Tips and Warnings

Commit your plan to paper!
Try to establish an exercise habit of exercising at the same time each day.
Drink some water before and after exercise but do not overdo it.
Eat light and be sure to have both carbohydrates and proteins in the meal.
Do not exercise vigorously and then stuff yourself with food.
Avoid the temptation to skip your stretching routine.
Do not become a slave of scale-fitness is more than just your weight
Do not give up if you do not see fast results!.