What Foods Contain Malic Acid?

What Foods Contain Malic Acid?
What Foods Contain Malic Acid?

Reading the ingredient list on the package can be as confusing as to look at the control panel on a 747. It’s hard to know what ingredients are natural and good for you and as fillers artificial flavors and dangerous additives. Most baffling are the ones that end with the word acid” because that word just sounds dangerous. Do not worry-most acids such as malic acid is not only harmless but natural and even necessary
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malic acid is the organic compound that gives the most sour and pungent foods flavor. It was first discovered in 1785 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele who obtained if from apple juice but it was not named until 1787 when Antoine Lavoisier suggested that it takes its name from the Latin word for apple is “Malum.”
Foods With malic
All fruits including tomatoes naturally contain malic acid. Even bananas which have virtually no acidic flavor contains 0.25 to 0.56 per cent malic acid weight per volume.
other Foods
Processed foods like super intense candy such as Mega warheads and Sour Punch also malic acid in them. Sour sweet candies like Jolly Ranchers usually contains malic acid because they are less acidic than citric acid. Some vinegar and salt potato chips contains malic acid to improve the bite of “vinegar” taste.

Beverages such as soda non-carbonated powdered and calorie often contains malic acid to cover the taste of salts and to enhance flavor. Alcoholic cider trust malic acid to keep the “sharp” taste fresh and many wines are fermented with malic acid to intensify flavor.

Whey-based protein drinks using malic acid to mask whey flavor and when soy milk is mixed with malic it makes a smooth and creamy soy “yogurt.”
Other uses of malic acid
Because the malic acid is an alpha hydroxy fruit acids it is used in many skin care products. Dentists use malic acid to clean teeth before putting in a filling. Also liquid calcium supplements depends malic acid to improve fruit flavor and to keep the pH (the proportion of acid to base) balanced.
It is suggesting that malic acid helps flush deposits of aluminum from the brain lessening the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition named December 1 1999 report in the Annals of Internal Medicine “Management of Fibromyalgia” says the American College of Physicians and the American Society of Internal Medicine considers malic acid to be one of the treatments recommended for fibromyalgia pain. Per 202C more research and clinical trials in both of these theories is necessary.”