About Atkin’s Diet And Impotence

About Atkin’s Diet And Impotence
About Atkin’s Diet And Impotence

Many people want to lose weight so desperately that they will try any diet is said to work. The Atkins diet has shed many pounds for quite a few people but it brings with it consequences because it severely restricts carbohydrates and provides unlimited fat which can lead to heart problems that can cause impotence
The Atkins diet prescribes eat very few carbohydrates and unlimited amounts of protein and fat so it means meat eggs and cheese are the stars while eating fruits grains and vegetables are frowned upon. Since the body is deprived of carbohydrates it is forced to burn fat — the foundation of the Atkins diet.
Because the Atkins diet promotes eating foods high in saturated fat can be said that it encourages heart disease while the polar opposite is low in fat and cholesterol which is known as a heart-healthy diet.
Men who suffer from high blood pressure high cholesterol angina stroke or heart disease are all likely candidates for erectile dysfunction or impotence as a result of these conditions or the medications used to treat them according to Web MD.
Any regimen that enables consumption of a large amount of red meat that is high in fat can cause impotence although there is no heart disease involved.
Theories / Speculation
Although the Atkins Diet does not encourage weight loss it opens up many more opportunities to develop negative health conditions including impotence.