Diets That Help Control High Cholesterol

Diets That Help Control High Cholesterol
Diets That Help Control High Cholesterol

Diagnosis high cholesterol means that the individual has developed fatty deposits in the body’s blood vessels. The Mayo Clinic says that fatty deposits in arteries can lead to the inability of the blood to flow through the body to the heart and brain properly this could eventually result in some suffering a heart attack or stroke if high cholesterol is not treated properly. According to the Mayo Clinic why should high cholesterol absorbed through diet and exercise.
You need:
health magazines (old ones that you get for free or cheaply from anywhere)
. binder or 3 brad folder.
3 hole puncher.
possibly scissors.

Those with high cholesterol must learn to read labels and pay close attention to the fat in the food. Because high cholesterol is the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries the more fat that is absorbed in the body the more risk there is of fat in the diet makes the problem getting worse. The Mayo Clinic shows that when fats are considered in foods two types of fat needs to be focused on. These are trans fats and saturated fats.

Trans fats are considered hazardous for those with high cholesterol because they support the growth of high cholesterol and reduce the positive cholesterol levels in the body (Reference 2). Foods that are considered junk food is often filled with trans fats and should be avoided in a diet designed to lower cholesterol. Saturated fats are healthier fat in foods but should be monitored to ensure they are not consumed in too large amounts. Saturated fats in products such as canola oil and peanuts for example is believed to be much healthier for the individual than trans fats.
Foods to Avoid
A person with high cholesterol should eat no more than 300 mg. of cholesterol in the food he or she eats per day. In addition if the person has heart-related-health issues he or she should not consume more than 200 mg. of cholesterol each day. The Mayo Clinic claims that meat eggs and milk are high contributors to cholesterol and should either be removed from the diet or replaced by replacing the individual.
Good Foods
grain products fruits vegetables and fish all have positive effects on high cholesterol.

grain products can be found in various bakery products in some pasta as well as in cereals rice and flour. Check food labels to determine if all the corn used in the preparation of the product concerned.

Fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of fiber which reduces cholesterol in the body. Fish has less fat than other meats which promotes good overall cardiovascular health and aids in lowering cholesterol levels.
Any diet that is meant to lower cholesterol levels should also include an exercise that supports healthy changes for the individual. The training program but should be coordinated with your doctor to make sure the exercises are appropriate for the person — and that exercise is not too strenuous compared to other health conditions that may exist.