How To Catch Weight Loss Before After

How To Catch Weight Loss Before After
How To Catch Weight Loss Before After

Want to know how to catch your weight loss before after pictures? Excellent! We give you some tips and suggestions to give good results when trying to show weight loss before after pictures
You need:.
Camera (film or digital)
. film or a kind place to store images digitally.
measuring tape.

– 1 –
Find the perfect diet. You need a diet that is both going to match you and your personality that you will succeed. I have an article about it and you can find it at the bottom of this page. But maybe you’ve already found the perfect diet and is ready to start chronicling diet.

– 2 –
Some area that has dry background. When people look at before and after pictures you’ll want them to concentrate on you and not your surroundings. I would suggest to play with light and take some test shots before the big day”. This way you will know what the quality of the images you will be in production.

– 3 –
You want to have the same clothes so people can use this as a reference. They will be able to compare weight loss before after and see exactly how much success you had with your diet.

– 4 –
The next part is the hard part. It is the official day to start your diet. You will shoot at you straight on all side and back views. Use the tape measure to mark the distance from the camera so that when you reset the picture it will be identical. Also to use a tripod and measure the height it is set.
Now GOOD LUCK! Go kick some butt and lose some serious weight! I’m rooting for you!

Tips and Warnings

Taking pictures at the same time of day for the same lighting.
In Step 1 I explained that I understood about having to find a diet that inspired you please visit the Reviewer Buddy link below to meet some pretty inspirational weight loss programs.”