Eating At South Beach Diet

Eating At South Beach Diet
Eating At South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a program someone follows in an attempt to lose weight. It has three phases and before starting the South Beach Diet it is important to know which foods are allowed in each phase
You need:. .
South Beach Diet Recipes
Low-starch vegetables.
Lean meat.
Low-fat cheese.
Decaffeinated beverages.

three phases of Diet

– 1 –
Phase 1 the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet may be the most challenging. The goal is to break the body’s addiction to high-glycemic foods. Do not consume sugar bread pasta fruit starchy vegetables or cereals. High-protein and low-fat foods such as chicken turkey breast eggs and fish encouraged in this phase. Low-fat cheeses and nuts are also acceptable. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. The only other beverages allowed on the South Beach Diet is decaffeinated coffee and tea. Soft drinks fruit juices and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

– 2 –
In Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet you are allowed to introduce food that was not allowed in the first phase. The length of phase 2 will vary depending on the individual. Continue eating the same type of food in Phase 1 but add fruits and grains in moderation. You can also gradually add other favorite foods. For example a glass of wine or a piece of cake acceptable in strict moderation such as once per week. Weight loss in this stage is not so dramatic but can be steady.

– 3 –
When you reach your weight-loss goal begin phase three. Include foods you like but eat them in moderation. The goal of the South Beach Diet is to remain in phase 3 and strive for consistent healthy eating habits. If you choose to stay on schedule and start to gain weight or find yourself eating too much food with high starch sugar and carbohydrates consider going back to either stage 1 or 2.

Tips & Warnings

Consult your doctor before starting this or any other diet.