Whether Food Containing Agar

Whether Food Containing Agar
Whether Food Containing Agar

Agar also known as agar-agar Edge Japanese gelatin or Ceylon moss-is a gelatin-like substance made from seaweed. Agar is available as a powder granules blocks or as dried packaged strips. Agar is generally used in cooking as gelatin substitute especially for vegetarians as a thickener in jelly-making and as a base ingredient in a number of Japanese desserts
Agar is made from red algae especially Graciliaria lichenoides a species of red algae plentiful in Asia and on the western coast of the United States. When the algae are harvested boiled and cleaned then dried. Agar contains large amounts of protein minerals and fiber and is considered an excellent natural digestive system regulator.
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One of the most common uses of agar is that a vegetarian and vegan-friendly gelatin substitute. Agar may be used in recipes that require gelatin by replacing approximately one tablespoon of agar flakes of gelatin for each cup with juice or water which is required in the recipe. Remember agar sets faster and firmly than gelatin and usually do not require refrigeration. When using agar instead of gelatin in gelatin salads the same fruits which will prevent gelatin from gelling (such as kiwi pineapples and guavas) will also prevent the agar from gelling.
Agar is used as a vegetarian non-dairy thickener in a variety of foods. Dairy-based sauces sauces puddings and candy can be produced without milk or eggs with substitution of agar.
Jelly-making is a popular use of agar for vegetarians who want to steer clear of animal-based thickening agents. Any type of jelly can be made with agar by combining 1/2 cup warm water 1 1/2 tablespoons run or flake agar and add two cups of juice.
Japanese Desserts
The Japanese have prepared and consumed agar for centuries and one of their most common uses of agar is in a range of desserts. The most popular of these is anmitsu containing sweet azuki bean paste assorted cut-up fruit and boiled peas mixed with diced of agar jelly. A black syrup is often served with dessert and is supposed to be completely over the top of the jelly before eating.