How To Find Exercise Motivation

How To Find Exercise Motivation
How To Find Exercise Motivation

Whether you are starting a new exercise or just trying to continue the good work you have done find motivation can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you find motivation for training

– 1 –
Goal. . .
When you start exercising get a feel for 1 where you are and 2. what you want to improve. Some examples include time distance how much weight you lift or do X situps or pushups etc. Whatever your fitness goal is try to keep it to something you can measure or quantify so you can see the wonderful progress you MKE.

– 2 –
Pick some outside event to work towards. For example if you run picking nearby race to do! Have a date set in stone so you can look at it and think about it.

– 3 –
Bring a friend to exercise with you to keep the motivation up. Having another person walking time and helps keep things fun! Plus you have someone to share the long days with or someone who is going through some of the same games you exercise too. There is a reason to keep exercising! Another person you can be responsible” for.

– 4 –
Record your progress. Keep a log of your workout. You can see how far you have come the commitment you have made so far and will of your progress. Try to mark this Calendra through the list or use google calendar. See how each exercise add up over time!

– 5 –
Choose a specific time of day to keep exercise to make it habit nd more routine. When you get into an exercise program it is easier to stay motivated since it is part of the day now!
Join the community! Subscribe to a newsletter read a book or visit the website! This will help you to think about what you do and why you do it!
Make a list of all the reasons why you coach. Health to keep fit personal goals stress etc. All of these things anyway and YOU make the difference by exercising!
Comment and add some more ideas you use to keep motivated!”