Rice Diet Phase One

Rice Diet Phase One
Rice Diet Phase One

The Rice Diet is designed to help people lose weight and reverse chronic disease. The Rice Diet focuses on a strict low-sodium and low-salt diet, including a limitation of saturated fat, based on that, since salt is an appetite stimulant, reduce intake suppresses the appetite. To guide people through a specific diet, Rice Diet is divided into three phases

Phase One Objective
Phase One is the first step of the Rice Diet and is considered the detox stage that the body adapts to the new intake. Phase One consists of consuming whole grains and fruits. Phase One is designed to only last a week so that dieters can proceed to the second phase to continue to lose weight and / or maintain a current lower weight. The strictly reduced sodium content which dieters are experiencing for the first time under Phase One of the Rice Diet drops dramatically food cravings and overall appetite.

Phase One Diet Plan
Phase One is broken down into a seven-day guideline. On the first day, diet is limited to only 800 calories and 50 mg sodium. Those 800 calories should be distributed between two starches and two fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the remaining six days, the calorie intake increases to 1,000 plus 300 mg sodium. In these six days, should a starch, a fruit and nonfat dairy products be consumed at breakfast. For lunch and dinner, wood starch, wood vegetables and fruit should be consumed.

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