How To Compare Whey And Casein Proteins

How To Compare Whey And Casein Proteins
How To Compare Whey And Casein Proteins

Whey and casein are two different types of proteins that are made of protein supplements. Each has different characteristics that benefit the body in different ways. Whether you get your hardcore bodybuilding, or you just want a supplement to keep your protein intake up during the day, it is important to understand and compare the differences of whey and casein protein

Consider your needs. You must first publish in simple terms why you want to take a protein supplement. Your reasons might include wanting to gain muscle mass for bodybuilding, a need to get some more protein because you are a vegetarian or a variety of other reasons. Considering your own needs will give you a basis for comparing the two proteins.

Look at the absorption time. One of the main differences between casein and whey is how long the body takes to absorb and metabolize each protein. Whey protein is absorbed quickly while casein, however, is absorbed very slowly. So, if you’re looking to get your protein pumping through the years right after a workout go with whey. If you want a protein that will be available to your body for a few hours choosing casein.

Compare flavor. Many people find that casein protein has an unpleasant smell and taste. Whey, however, is very easy to spice up with artificial flavors like chocolate and vanilla. So get a sample of each of protein supplements to see if one appeals to you more than the others.

Consider price. Whether you are going to be choking down hundreds of grams of protein or simply use the random to increase your health, you should still consider the price difference of the two types of protein. The source and process that casein is made by making protein significantly more expensive than whey. So, consider the advantages of casein protein to the price disparity with whey to make a good decision.

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