Healthy Eating!

Healthy Eating!
Healthy Eating!

So you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes your not sure what you are allowed to eat. I’ve put together an approved food list so you can start your healthy lifestyle

You need:. .
Healthy Food Shopping List

A trip to the grocery store.


Protein. Your lean meat must be at least 85% to 90% lean, chicken no skin, turkey breast, lean ground turkey (they have 98-99% fat free), and egg whites are your approved proteins.

Seafood. Most seafood is high in protein, but the fat content varies widely from one type to the next. Be sure to research the fat and calorie content before an election. Your approved seafood list shall consist of shrimp, salmon, tuna and fresh or box (only water packed).

Carbohydrates. All carbohydrates are slow digesting. You should not eat anything bleached flour or processed grains, also sugar and other refined sweeteners should be kept to a minimum or eliminated all together. Approved carbohydrates consist of oatmeal, 100% whole grain cereal, whole wheat bread, seven-grain bread, and whole wheat pasta.

Fruits and vegetables. There are many fruits and vegetables to choose from, but these it is best to stick to :. Bananas, berries of any kind, grapes, apples, broccoli, spinach, green beans, peas, asparagus, lettuce and squash

Snacks. Yogurt (NO-FAT / low sugar)

Raw nuts (unsalted or roasted)
Everything from fruit and vegetables List.

Tips and Warnings

Do not forget to eat in moderation.

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