How To Burn Calories With Bodyweight Training

How To Burn Calories With Bodyweight Training
How To Burn Calories With Bodyweight Training

Many people are looking for ways to lose weight. They need to find out how you can burn more calories and find a way to get the weight off. Our reasons for losing weight are numerous. Some are health reasons, some for aesthetic reasons, while others will feel better about themselves.

Well you can burn calories and lose weight and you do not necessarily have to join a gym to do it. In fact you do not need much other than your own body weight. Here are four body weight exercises that will help you quickly burn calories and lose fat.

Burpees. No this is not what you do when you drink an entire two-liter bottle of Coca Cola. Burpees can be the most effective calorie burning and fat burning workout around. They are a combination of a squat, a push-up and jump.
Start in a standing position and do a squat. While in squat position laid his hands on the ground in front of you and kick your feet back so that you are now in a push-up position. Do push-up, then kick your feet back to its starting position (squat position). From this position end the exercise with an explosive jump as high as you can. This is one repetition.

If you have a hard time in my description, you can do a search on YouTube and you will be able to find an example of someone who performs a burpee.

Box jumps. This exercise is a fat shredder. Find a surface that you can hop on that is about 20 inches high. For box jumps repeatedly jumps up on the box and then jump back down to the starting point.
Be careful when doing this. Make sure you jump to the center of your surface. Trust me you will not miss the edge of the box and scratch on the leg instead. It will not be a pretty sight. You can buy padded plyometric boxes if you will be safer. If you have money to spare, I would recommend to pick some up.

Jumping rope. This overlooked exercise is still one of the most effective exercises to burn calories and burn fat. There is an enormous body weight training. Jumping rope for 3-5 minutes at a time and it will leave you panting for air. Try to get more air during jumps. This will make it more difficult.

Mountaineers. This is another great bodyweight exercise to burn calories. Place your hands on the floor in front of you, and have your feet staggered one in front of another. The exercise conducted by rapidly switching position in the legs (like climbing a mountain). Both legs should be moved at the same time. Again, you can do a search for a video if you are unsure how exercise is performed.

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