How To Add Healthy Foods Into Your Family’s Diet

How To Add Healthy Foods Into Your Family’s Diet
How To Add Healthy Foods Into Your Family’s Diet

When most people go shopping for their weekly groceries, they usually buy a select group of “goodies” for themselves or their families. Here’s an easy way to introduce healthy food options and reduce “not so healthy” tacks on your shopping list

You need:. .

A sense of adventure.

Go through the kitchen cupboards and pantry and make a list of what you have on hand and what you would normally buy to replace what is missing.

Once the list is created, share elements of two columns-what is healthy and nutritious, and what is not

Look at the list of what is. . not healthy -. sweets, snacks, GMO (genetically modified), canned food (they usually have a lot of sodium that can throw the body out of balance)

Consider buying. frozen vegetables to replace canned vegetables-you will definitely reduce your sodium intake. Pick one or two things off your list and look for a healthier alternative.

If you buy sweets or snacks -. consider replacing them with fresh / frozen fruit or looking for recipes the whole family can participate in so you do snacks at home and not buy snacks in the shop which is full of preservatives.

Look for flour unbleached or whole grains. Buy raw sugar or use natural sweeteners like honey, syrup or agave Stevia (again, unbleached). Do not buy sugar substitutes or diet products. The use of sugar substitutes have been linked to many disorders / diseases, including MS.

If you buy soft drinks, buying them in glass bottles if possible. Otherwise, plastic bottles are better than aluminum cans, but remember do not let them out where they can warm up. Look for natural soda in health food section of your store.

Tips and Warnings

Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself of things that taste good.
Consider growing fresh herbs in the kitchen.

Consider growing a small garden to cut down on costs by buying organic. You can grow in containers on the patio or in a small wooden cube (see square meter gardening).
Involve the whole family in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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