About Liquid Vitamins

About Liquid Vitamins
About Liquid Vitamins

Many believe that by taking vitamins in liquid form, they will experience better mineral absorption. This applies to a certain extent, but the liquid form may be a better medium for only certain minerals. Because of its simple ingestion, liquid vitamins benefit those who have a tough time taking pills and capsules. They are more effective for people who gastrointestinal system has been compromised and can not effectively break down compacted material. Liquid vitamins are convenient, because they do not require water and can be provided in the spray forms.

mineral Absorption
Even liquids are usually absorbed more appropriate than solids, does not necessarily mean that liquid vitamins provide higher absorption. The problem is that liquid vitamins have less mineral content than vitamins in pill form, while the liquid has a higher and faster absorption, it is not necessarily more beneficial. However, the vitamins such as B12 and folic acid that is naturally delivered in small doses will be better ingested in liquid form.

Easy Delivery
For those who have trouble swallowing pills, such as infants and the elderly, liquid vitamins provide an effortless alternative. Of course, if a toddler has little coordination, could liquid vitamins get messy. The best way to handle a potential disaster is to spoon feed vitamin to toddler. Some mess is a small price to pay to prevent a choking hazard.

intestinal Easy
Some people have no problem swallowing pills, but may not be able to digest the pill when inside the gut. This is a common condition in people suffering from diverticulitis, where the sharp edges of the pill can cause severe inflammation and even bleeding. Liquid vitamins are less aggressive for people with such conditions.

No water needed
When water is not required to swallow liquid vitamins, they can be taken anywhere. This provides endless convenience to people who may not be able to get a glass of water, including the elderly and young children. It must be considered, however, that liquid vitamins often have a high sugar content, which is added by the manufacturers to mask the taste.

lugging around a glass bottle of 150 vitamins can be aggravating and noisy. Liquid vitamins, especially if they are isolated in a slender plastic bottle, are easily transportable. New methods for liquid vitamin delivery are being developed. One is the spray version, which comes with pump action and is absorbed directly through contact with the tongue or with any part of the inner mouth.

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