How To Stop Overeating

How To Stop Overeating
How To Stop Overeating

This article is about how to stop overeating by changing your attitude towards food. The rest will come easy

You need:!.
One can do it attitude

A good dose of honesty. Mobile Some quiet time for introspection.


Do Some Self Analysis
The truth about overeating is that it stems from emotional problems that we are neglecting to deal with. These come in many shapes and only you are able to find out what your problems are. But you must understand that overeating does not stop until you embrace your problems.

Eating has a good feel factor. Most Overeaters will find that when faced with particularly unpleasant situations they feel the urge to eat. For example, a girl who eat a tub of ice after a fight with his girlfriend eat for comfort for that feel good feeling.
To find what’s driving you to overeat in the first place, you must begin to pay attention to situations that trigger the behavior. Are there certain people who, having spent time with those you want to eat, not a stressful day at work makes you go home and head for the bucket of ice cream or comfort food of choice?

If you can recognize the triggers then you are on your way to the next step to turn your overeating.

understanding Triggers
If you do indeed find that being with a certain person is driving you to overeat, so you have to ask yourself what uncertainty means that person trigger in you. Is he / she someone who constantly criticizes you? Criticism in this case is not what you react to, but instead can be responsive to the feelings that you’re not good enough or you can not do anything right.

If there is work stress appears to be your trigger, ask yourself what is the source of stress in the first place? Too many demands on your time? You feel unable to cope? Again your overeating triggers can be a sense of inadequacy. I can not seem to do anything right.

Tracing Your Triggers
Most of our emotional dysfunctions were developed in our childhood. They manifest when someone or something acts as a trigger, and sets them off. Some people react with fury others of overeating.

This is your time to investigate your childhood relationships pay special attention to the negative things you had buried. Pay special attention to your relationship with your parents. Did they do or say things to make you feel loved, ugly, inadequate?
In some cases you may have internalized your parents pain and made it your own. Did you know Dad does your mother seems inadequate. Had he used to criticize her? Were the other assaults in the home?

This will be painful, but you have to work through the pain to emerge on the other side of overeating problem. If at this stage you feel you need treatment or to talk things out with your parents etc, go for it.

Change the way you think
Now that you know your overeating triggers, you must disarm them. If inadequacy, lack of self-love or a feeling that you do not deserve to be happy, or that you are not beautiful, the problem must slowly begin to restructure your mind to remove liar.

When you are in a trigger situation and you start feeling negative thoughts going on, replacing them with a mind that says I AM beautiful. I deserve to be happy. I can do this. I am able. I’m cute. In time your subconscious will learn to think these thoughts.

Take steps to change
If after learning to handle your problems you decide to improve yourself further by losing weight or whatever it is that you have been afraid to do because of your questions, so you must take steps to achieve the goal your.

Enroll in a fitness class, learn about proper nutrition or whatever it is you need to change.
Set realistic. achievable goals and work toward them one day at a time. Remember Rome was not built in a day. do not get discouraged. In less time than you think your overeating will be a thing of the past.

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