How To Speed Up The Thyroid

How To Speed Up The Thyroid
How To Speed Up The Thyroid

A sluggish thyroid gland is more than just a nuisance. Left unchecked, it can cause many health problems. Speeding up the thyroid gland (a gland in the neck area that regulates the body’s metabolism and energy production) helps many organs, and especially aids weight loss and energy boost

Get your thyroid hormone levels checked regularly. Your doctor will be able to help you keep track of changes in hormone levels, and you will be able to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Your doctor may recommend medications to help your thyroid doing its job, or to replace hormones that are not doing. Very mild hypothyroidism (sluggish thyroid gland) can be controlled with diet and exercise, but if the case is more severe, medication is generally recommended.

Eat the right foods. There are some foods that help the thyroid produce better results. Try to eat more carrots, bananas and avocados. Instead of snacking on chips, eats sunflower seeds. Finding ways to increase the consumption of olive oil. Grapefruit is also a metabolism that increases adjunct to diet.

Avoid foods with thioglucosides. These include cabbage, kale and broccoli. Moreover, products with peanuts and soy slow thyroid or hinders the body’s ability to use hormones in the thyroid gland does.

Exercise regularly. One of the symptoms of a slow thyroid are joint pain and muscle weakness, so never push yourself to exercise too hard. Try low-impact exercise such as walking at a slow pace on the treadmill, basic yoga and Pilates. In addition, lifting light hand weights help strengthen weak muscles.

Take an iodine supplement. Iodine is found in high doses in kelp (a brown seaweed) and can be purchased at the pharmacy. Sometimes, low functioning thyroid caused by lack of iodine in the body. Always check with your doctor before starting an iodine supplement. Iodine will speed up your thyroid only if you have an iodine deficiency.

Relax as much as possible. A sluggish thyroid is sometimes the result of stress and lack of sleep. Get a good night’s rest and take time to relax and calm down can make a difference in your thyroid health.

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