How To Open An Avocado

How To Open An Avocado
How To Open An Avocado

Here is a simple way to open an Avocado

You need:. .



Note :. . Squeeze the avocado with your fingers, the fruit is ripe and ready to eat, if it is firm but yields to gentle pressure of fingers.
Place the avocado on a flat surface. Support the avocado with your left hand. Cut lengthwise into avocados to the depth of seeds.

Continue cutting around avocado. . .

Until you reach a point where you first began to cut avocado.

Put the avocado in your left hand, make sure the cut is perpendicular to the palm of your right hand, grasp the top of the avocado with your right hand. Twist the halves in opposite directions to separate.

Holding firm the lower half of avocado with your left hand, begin to twist the top of the avocado with your right hand, continue to turn until the top half of avocado breaks free from the bottom half.

Make sure your fingers are out of the way, then turn the seed with the blade of the knife, using enough force to penetrate the seed with at least 1/4 to 1/2 cm.

Support for avocados left hand turn the knife before the seed breaks away from avocado.

Lift seeds of avocado and place in the trash. Note: This is a good chance to show how far the blade of the knife has penetrated the avocado seed

Holding avocado firmly in his left hand, using a spoon. . your right hand like a knife, begin to cut avocado away from the skin.

Continue cutting around avocado to. . .

avocados are completely detached from the skin. You are now ready to use avocado.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful with the knife!

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