How To Lose Weight, Look Better And Save Money By Eating A Good Breakfast

How To Lose Weight, Look Better And Save Money By Eating A Good Breakfast
How To Lose Weight, Look Better And Save Money By Eating A Good Breakfast

I just love it when someone asks me what I had for breakfast. They are genuinely surprised by what I tell them. Their typical comment is, “That’s why you look years younger than your age” or “That explains why you are never ill.”

It’s going to take a commitment on your part, but if you are serious. to lose weight, feel better and save money, eat this breakfast will help
You need:

Whole grain sugar corn, banana, apple, FCOJ, soft tofu and a blender
. Get ready for the most power packed and healthiest breakfast you’ve ever had !.

The first step is to prepare cereal. You need a large container. I use a 64 oz Sun Tea jar with a wide mouth a screw-on lid so that I can shake it up well.

Mix these three grains in equal parts in a large container. 1) Shredded Wheat, 2) Grape Nuts, 3) Old Fashioned oatmeal. SW come in packs of 3 biscuits. Crush three packs and drop into your container. Then add equal parts of GN and RO. Your assemble about 4-5 days worth of your breakfast cereal. Pour yourself a bowl.

The second step is to cut up an apple, and lay it on top of the grain. This is critical to a snappy taste and good health. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

The third step is to prepare the liquid you will pour over corn and apple. My favorite is the fat-free milk, but this breakfast will work fine with rice dream or soy milk. Add about 20 grams of the selected solvent in blender, fall in a banana, add a tablespoon of frozen concentrated orange juice, and four grams of soft tofu (tasteless blocks of pure nutrition!). Do not worry because FCOJ completely zaps the “tofuiness” of the mixture. Hit the switch. Pour over cereal, take a spoon and go. You start your day the way mother earth always wanted.

I recommend a good sized portion. Not a Jethro size bowl, but not just a few bites either. With a big, hearty breakfast is hitting the morning work with lots of energy and will find a very light lunch or no lunch will get you through the day. Imagine, no microwave lunch comfortable, burger and fries way food or $ 7.10 lunch out with your work buds.

Tips and Warnings

When the grapes are cheap, they make a fabulous addition to apples on top. For a little extra kick, scoop some yogurt in the blender. You can also add an occasional egg or some supplements that are in liquid form to the blender concoction. Be creative, but not far away from my tried and true stocked breakfast. Remember Trinity: Whole grains, non-fat milk with an apple on top

This breakfast is not for everyone for a variety of reasons. . First of all, is their no caffeine, sugar or fried meat for those who think they need it. Secondly, some people say they do not have time to do this tomorrow. My answer to that is, “You will never spend a better five minutes for your health and wealth.” Others gag at the thought of tofu. The FCOJ cut it.
That’s why I say this breakfast takes a serious commitment. But if you want to lose weight, saving lunch money and feel better, just give it a try for a month.

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