About Trimspa Side Effects

About Trimspa Side Effects
About Trimspa Side Effects

Trimspa is a fat-burning supplements that come in pill form. Trimspa main function is to speed up your metabolism to assist in weight loss. It is available in a variety of products (six types of pills). Trimspa main ingredient is Hoodia, which acts as an appetite suppressant. As with any diet pills, there are some potential side effects associated with the use of Trimspa

Trimspa their manufacturers state that any potential side effects associated with using the product blocks and swelling in the throat or esophagus. Choking is another potential hazard, if Trimspa is pills are not taken with sufficient amounts of liquid (such as water).

If users take Trimspa and start experiencing vomiting, chest pain or complications in swallowing, it is imperative that they seek medical attention immediately. People with allergies shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab, etc.) should avoid taking Trimspa, so should those taking blood-thinning medications (anticoagulants). In addition, those with caffeine sensitivity take lower doses of Trimspa or avoid it altogether.

Theories / Speculation
There are also some potentially long term side effects of taking Trimspa. Some of these adverse effects include muscle becomes less and lose some of the natural ability to lose weight, fat tissue after ceasing to take Trimspa and fools the body to feel “full” with artificial appetite suppression, causing long-term health and metabolic problems.

Some Trimspa users also claim that using Trimspa caused them to have more migraine headaches. This is because Trimspa’s cocoa extract has tyramine in which has the ability to bring on migraine in some individuals. Other users have reported cases of heartburn, indigestion, tremors, the need to urinate more often, anxiety, restlessness and insomnia.

Prevention / Solution
It is recommended that those who experience side effects like high blood pressure, seizures, agitation, anxiety, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), heart palpitations and symptoms of allergic reactions (hives, rash, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. ) Should contact your doctor immediately and seek medical advice. Moreover, it is important that those who begin to see these effects stop taking Trimspa immediately.

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