How You Can Cure Acnes Through Diet

How You Can Cure Acnes Through Diet
How You Can Cure Acnes Through Diet

Clear, smooth skin can be achieved naturally.

Acne can be a result of quite a few factors beyond external and hormones.
These can include;

for food

So for a little extra help the natural way read on. . .
You must :.

yourself and self-control
. .

Food Elimination-Eliminate the following;

Dairy (all, be sure to read the labels very carefully, it is in many processed foods)
trans fat

Fast Food (the reason is that they include wheat, dairy products and trans fats)
processed foods (prepackaged food)

Nuts (especially peanuts-you can have seeds)
Shells and seaweed

Gluten grains (especially wheat-important to eat brown rice instead)
iodized salt (sub Celtic or Himalayan sea salts)

Chocolate (sub carob)

Commercial meat (sub free-range and / or organic)
candy / sugar

Eat simple and nutritious meals. . .

An example would be grilled chicken, steamed vegetables or grilled with olive or coconut oils, 1/4 avocado, steamed brown rice, and a / 2C apple juice or peppermint tea or kombucha tea.

Incorporating these foods with meals can sometimes help clear skin. . .
steamed spinach

Aloe (1T-3X / day in water)
Apple juice

Peppermint tea

dandelion tea
boiled carrot

mung beans

Cabbage boiled
celery boiled


coconut oil

Supplements for clear, smooth skin is. . .

Probiotics-Dairy free

Flax oil
Evening primrose oil


improve digestion. . .
smaller meals (about 2 cups or two handfuls per meal)

Chew your food well!
The drink only 1 / 2C with the meal, then wait half an hour for larger quantities

Eat enzyme food at each meal, for example, mango, plantain and avocado
Take probiotics or drink your kombucha tea (one probiotic drinks)

Tips and Warnings

Drink 1C hot water with honey mixed in the first morning.
Sauna to cleanse the skin and the body of toxins

Try and stay away from heavy use of creams and makeup.
If you need a moisturizer, use it only in the morning and try to stay away from it when you sleep.

For bedtime, just use an eye cream if you need it.
Do not use soap on your face! Use a mild soap free cleanser without heavy perfumes

A good, basic moisturizer can be using any of these ;. Emu, tamanu or jojoba oils
Diligence is the key! If you follow the top for at least 3 months !!!!

The above information is not for everyone. Please seek healthcare guidance.

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