How To Drop 2-3 Pounds Per Week

How To Drop 2-3 Pounds Per Week
How To Drop 2-3 Pounds Per Week

Discover the process, step by step, to lose 2-3 kg. each week. It is not so difficult, and you can still eat very well. Here’s how

You need:.
Weight losing

. A small spiral notepad.
A pen.

Some even discpline.


Start writing down your calories. Studies have shown that if you just start to count and write down your calories, you will lose weight twice as fast as if you do not.

Drop the necessary caloric intake by half. I’m a big man. Several sites on the web have told me that I need around 3,000 calories per day. Cutting my calorie intake in half will cause me to lose 2-3 kg. per week with little or no training. Calorie calculators will reveal that you need more calories even if you are overweight. I must say, because obesity. Go to Yahoo and search on the keywords “calories needed calculator”. You’ll find more. These will tell you how many calories you need to maintain current weight. Just cut down from there.

Eat more white meat versus red meat. Here is a typical menu option for one day (for me).
Breakfast-to serving of oatmeal (300 calories). Drop margarine or anything else

Lunch -. Two sandwiches. I use reduced-calorie bread (40 calories per slice) and 5 pieces of deli sliced ??ham or turkey (10 calories per slice). I use mustard since there are far fewer calories than mayonnaise. Total calories-260 (Drink water, it is better for you and has no calories)
Dinner-Chicken breast (180 calories), 2 cups of green beans (30 calories), a cup of rice (90 calories), two rolls (90 calories each). Total calories-510 calories

Snack-3 Oreo cookies (I know they have tons of sugar and certainly not so good for you, but I reward myself with something, plus, I do not eat them every day, this is just a sample) 160 calories
Now, you’ve eaten all day. Not missing one meal, and have consumed less than 1,300 calories. It is 1700 calories less than I need to maintain my weight. I lose almost one kilogram every two days without training.

Tips and Warnings

If you have less, it may not be able to be as aggressive as I am. I have tried every diet known to mankind (well maybe not quite) and have found that the best way to lose weight is to cut calories. It is not that difficult. You just have to decide that you’re going to do it and then do it.
Check with your doctor or dietitian before embarking on any weight loss program. Especially if you have a special health care needs. You have more problems in the beginning. However, you can do it.

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