How To Create A Large Green Smoothie

How To Create A Large Green Smoothie
How To Create A Large Green Smoothie

Here is a delicious way to get a green superfood! Mix them into a green smoothie. Green smoothies are nutrient dense because they are usually made with spinach or kale as base

You need:. .


Nut butter.

Orange slices (optional).

A glass.


Put tall glasses in the freezer. Peel a banana, an apple core and cut into 4-8 slices, and get a heaping spoon nut butter. Crude organic almond butter is preferable, but the peanut butter also works. Make some orange slices for garnish (optional).

Put 1/2 cup water in your blender. Add 3 oz. of raw organic spinach.
Add the apple and banana. Blend for about 15 seconds until apple and banana are broken down. Add a tablespoon of almond butter or peanut butter. Be sure to mix for at least 30 to 60 seconds or until smooth.

Pour into your glass from the freezer and add the orange slice for garnish. Drink straight away!

Cheers! -Two Your Health

Tips and Warnings

For green smoothies taste good, add fruit. Avoiding fruit for health (diabetes) reasons, you can add stevia.

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