Phase 2 Diet Supplement Side Effects

Phase 2 Diet Supplement Side Effects
Phase 2 Diet Supplement Side Effects

Phase 2 is a popular diet supplement that claims to block the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. If carbohydrates are blocked when they do not have the ability to turn into sugar or fat, which can lead to weight loss. As with many diet pills, there are positive and negative results. This article will help you understand more about Phase 2, as well as some possible side effects you should remember

Weightloss from Phase 2
According to requirements, one gram of Phase 2 neutralize 2250 calories of carbohydrates (equivalent to a loaf or half a kilo of pasta).

For many individuals, carbohydrates are considered to be an enemy of weight loss. While nothing will cause weight gain if not eaten in moderation, carbohydrates are very valuable for your overall health, as they provide your body with much needed energy. But for those who eat carbohydrates excessively, they may be attracted by carbohydrate blocking supplements that phase 2

If Phase 2 works as claimed, is fewer carbohydrates absorbed by the body (about 66 to 75 percent fewer carbohydrates) and you lose weight because it is a lower percentage of carbohydrates that turn into fat in the body.

Active ingredients in Phase 2
The active ingredient in Phase 2 is an extract from white kidney beans. This is an all natural ingredient. The maximum strength version of phase 2 also comprises other popular diet pill ingredients, such as chromium, magnolia bark extract and black pepper extract.

Evidence of Effectiveness
Some clinical trials have shown that this product is safe and effective in reducing carbohydrate consumption. However, other studies have shown that the efficiency of white kidney bean extract is incomplete. As with many other weight loss supplements, this may work for some people and not for others.

For the charge be beneficial, it is recommended that one gram is taken before a meal containing starch carbohydrates. Depending on the phase 2 product you try, there will be more specific recommendations that you should follow. In addition, it is recommended that people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, and pregnant women should not take Phase 2 carbohydrate blocker.

potential side effects
People who take this type of carbohydrate blocker may suffer from side effects. These include heartburn, diarrhea and excessive gas. Viewers may also suffer from anxiety. As with any diet pill or supplement, you should let your doctor know that you take the product. Stop using if you experience negative side effects.


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