How To Switch To Whole Wheat

How To Switch To Whole Wheat
How To Switch To Whole Wheat

Everyone knows that eating Whole Wheat Bread provides better nutrition for you and your family. But it is usually not as easy as it looks. Sometimes if you dive in completing Wheat when the family is accustomed to white bread, they will complain and rebellion.

With a few simple steps you can gradually introduce whole wheat bread for your family and get them started on the road to healthier eating habits
You need:. .

Honey Wheat bread loaf
various whole wheat items.

whole wheat flour (optional).


You want to buy a very light wheat bread to get the family used to flavor. Typically 100% whole wheat bread is heavier and stronger in flavor than people who eat white bread are used to. Grocery stores now carry a type of mix bread. They are called mixed wheats in which part white and part wheat are mixed to make a lighter bread.
An example is typically a Honey Wheat bread loaf. It has a lighter color, texture and flavor than regular wheat bread.

When the family has become accustomed to wheat blend, so it’s time to gradually introduce other products. There are now more opportunities than ever at grocery stores. Some good suggestions are whole wheat spaghetti and pasta, whole wheat rolls, and items made with wheat as frozen pizza (if you are already buying frozen pizza. Otherwise I would not suggest starting now.)

After getting into several whole wheats, it is now time to start switching to a 100% whole wheat bread. Ideally, it would have been about two weeks since you started this effort to give the family time to adjust to the new flavors. You may need to try a few different loafs or brands until you find a taste of whole wheat bread as you prefer.

Tips and Warnings

When your family is accustomed to the taste of whole wheat bread you can try to start creating your own. You can adjust the recipes that you prefer and do all sorts of things from scratch as pizza doughs, rolls, biscuits and muffins.

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