What Can You Eat After Stomach Reduction?

What Can You Eat After Stomach Reduction?
What Can You Eat After Stomach Reduction?

According to statistics in 2007, in almost every State, one of five people overweight. The prevalence of obesity is associated with a variety of health conditions, and as a result, those who are overweight are looking for ways to slim down. When diet and exercise fail, some people who suffer from obesity turn to stomach reduction surgery to lose weight. These people need to follow a very special diet after surgery

First Days
Firstly one to three days after stomach reduction surgery, have the digestive system of the individual come from a severe trauma. Whoever has surgery are more likely to experience nausea and vomiting, especially since analgesics are often given after surgery is completed. To help the individual to keep food down and getting sufficient calories and nutrients, only liquid foods that clear broth allowed.

weeks 1-4
After the first few days after surgery, purees are introduced into the diet. There may be some solid pieces in purees. It is typical of pureed foods to be recommended for two weeks to a month.

weeks 5-12
Soft foods are not reintroduced to a person who has had stomach reduction surgery before the four week mark. Most foods are allowed, as long as they are well cooked and tender. Cooked vegetables, fresh soft fruit and meat that have been finely diced are good choices. Whoever has had stomach reduction must continue to eat soft foods for about eight weeks, depending on how she is handling the food and how good she is healing from surgery.

Weeks 13 Forward
At three months postoperatively, a person can return to a normal diet that includes both hard and soft food. The hard foods reintroduced should be high in nutrients and fit into a balanced meal plan.

Stomach reduction surgery involves the size of an individual’s stomach is smaller. Accordingly, a person could not eat as much at one time after the surgery as she could before surgery. For this reason, she should take small meals more frequently and should consume fluids outside meals rather than with meals because fluids may take up space needed for the more nutritious solids. In addition, people who have had stomach reduction surgery restrict sugar and fat intake.

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