How To Start A Safe And Effective Weight Management Program

How To Start A Safe And Effective Weight Management Program
How To Start A Safe And Effective Weight Management Program

Almost anyone can force themselves to suffer a week or a couple for a crash diet, but if you want to avoid weight yo-yo, you need to start thinking about weight control rather than weight loss. With a little knowledge, you can make the change

You need:. .



A plan.


The first step to start a safe and effective weight management program is to establish a realistic and measurable goals. For this you need a pencil, paper and calculator. Write down the weight you want to achieve and maintain (It should not be less than the lowest weight you keep at least one year since the twenty-first birthday.) This is your long-term goals.

It requires a weekly deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound. This corresponds walking 5 miles a day seven days a week or go 2. 5 miles per day and cut 250 calories a day from food intake. Determine how much you are really willing and able to commit to. A pound a week? Tough but doable. Half a kilo a week? Very doable. Be honest with yourself and do not set yourself up for failure with goals beyond your time and dedication. You now have a measurable short-term goals.

Use the phone. Call your best friend, your significant other, someone you know you can depend on to support and encourage you. Tell them what you are doing and ask them to hold you accountable. If you’re not ready for this step, you are not ready for weight control. Commitments kept secret are not obligations. Wait until you’re ready. Failure just makes the coming commitment difficult.

Create a detailed training plan. What exercises are you going to use? How many calories this exercise will burn every week? (Walking is “almost perfect” workout and burns about 100 calories per mil). If you need help consult a local trainer, go to acefitness. org website or ASCM website or email the author. Help is available.

Develop a detailed eating plan. Now that you know how many calories you burn each week of training, subtract that number from the total calorie deficit you need each week to reach your goal (see step 1) and you will get the number of calories you need to cut from your diet every week. Share it with 7 and you have your daily calorie deficit.
For example, if walking is your exercise of choice and you plan to walk 3 miles per day, calories you burn from exercise is 300 calories per day or 2100 calories per week. If your goal is to lose 1 kg per week, you only need to cut 200 calories a day from your diet to reach the 3500 calorie deficit needed. It is about a soft drink, a glass of sweet tea or koolaid, a candy bar, two hard candy or three medium cookies. Can you live without it? Of course you can.

We are back to pencil and paper. Keep a daily exercise and food diary. This is perhaps the most crucial step. The failure rate for those who do not keep a daily journal is about 80%. The figure is almost the opposite for them to keep a daily journal. It is necessary.

If you mess up, and you will, stand up, write it down and ask yourself what was happening at the time. Ahhh! Now you have information that will help you avoid the next bump in the road. Happiness. And remember, this is a journey of discovery about yourself. You did not sleep last night and wake up in the morning 30, 50, 100 pounds overweight. As it went, so it will come off. Enjoy the journey. Discover the real you.

Tips and Warnings

Designate a time each day for exercise. Let nothing interfere unless it is more important than your health. And that would be it

Do not forget to reward yourself – ?. No, not with food
Designate “Eat only here” areas in your house and make sure that there is no bed or a television in any of these areas.

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