How To Avoid Foods With Trans Fats

How To Avoid Foods With Trans Fats
How To Avoid Foods With Trans Fats

Everyone has heard of trans fats, the ugly stuff that permanently seals the arteries. That’s right folks, when trans fat in it, no amount of diet, exercise, or medication will get it out. Therefore it is best for your health to avoid trans fats altogether. Here are some foods that you need to be on alert

Probably the most famous trans fat culprit is the French fry. French fries and potato chips are often fried in partially hydrogenated oils (code name for trans fats). If you are looking fries, try to cut fresh potatoes (sweet potatoes are better!) And bake them with olive or canola oil instead of driving through McDonald’s.

You might also want to go home teams when it comes to soup. Store canned soup is often very high in trans fat. Powdered soups can be even worse. Plus, canned soups contain exorbitant amounts of sodium and usually have MSG.

Cut donut out of your morning coffee run. These round circles of fat can smell appealing, but they have no nutritional benefit and are loaded with trans fats. Even a plain croissant has incredible 7 grams trans fat! While manufacturers of packaged baked goods have been trying to eliminate trans fats, they have done it by going back to saturated fat, another major health hazard.

Stay away from packaged mixes and ready-to-bake biscuits. A small Pillsbury crescent roll has one. 5 grams of trans fat. Instead make your own fresh biscuits from scratch where you can use canola oil and trans fat free products such as Smart Balance. Cookies are quick and easy to make.

Read packets. Although the package does not label trans fats or say “no trans fats” you can see the ingredients for the words “partially hydrogenated.” This is especially true when picking out a margarine and frozen food.


Avoid restaurant food that looks cooked as cheese and egg sandwiches or chicken nuggets.

Finally, be aware of foods that do not initially seem that they could hide trans fat. For example, even a milkshake put you over your daily trans fat limit (1% of calories eaten). If you are in doubt about trans fat content of a food product, ask manager of the restaurant where you’re dining.

Tips and Warnings

not afraid to read labels or ask restaurant staff about trans fat content of food

Experiment in your own kitchen with trans fat free ingredients such as canola and olive oil

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