How To Create An E-diets Profile

How To Create An E-diets Profile
How To Create An E-diets Profile

E-diets is a site that offers a variety of resources for people who want to lose weight. Resources include a personalized eating plan, a virtual trainer and dining. To start losing weight with E-diets, sign up for a free profile

Sign in E-diets website to start your profile. A box pops up that asks you to get started by filling out the form below.

Choose an eating plan from the long list of today’s most popular diets. Read through the descriptions of each diet to see if it’s right for you. Diets include the Mediterranean Diet, Glycemic Index Diet and the Atkins Diet.

Give your height, weight, gender and age. This information helps personalize your plan to meet your nutritional needs.

Let E-diets know your weight loss goals. They need to know how much weight you want to lose, your body type, and desired time period where you will lose weight.

Look through listing of offers and newsletters E-diets. Before you get your free profile, you will be asked if you want to register for any offers from E-diets or their subsidiaries.

Read your profile results, including BMI results and the daily number of calories you should eat to achieve your weight loss goals. If you are interested in getting custom menus, community support and a fitness plan, so you can continue the process of signing up with e-diets.

Tips and Warnings

To use E-Diet services, you must register for an account. The site charges a weekly rate for their services.

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