trichology is a specialty area mainly concerned with hair and scalp conditions. practicing in this field usually takes a good understanding of hair and scalp physiology, and medical and lifestyle factors affecting hair and scalp health. a professional qualified in trichology is often referred to as a trichologist. hair fall, dandruff, or eczema of the scalp are some of the disorders that are usually treated by practicing trichologists. hair or scalp problems can be treated with medications, topical products, non-surgical methods, or surgical procedures.

at the onset of treatment, examines an athlete usually the patient’s scalp and hair, and inquiries about hair -omsorg routine and dietary habits. sometimes a trichologist inspects a patient’s hair under a microscope and conducting a detailed analysis. a blood test may be suggested to check hormone levels, or to detect thyroid or iron deficiencies. in the case of hair loss, a trichologist decide which type of hair loss and it is reversible or not.
depending on specific condition, treatment includes hair or scalp medication and a topical formulation may contain a moisturizer, an anti-inflammatory ingredient, or keratolytic compound for scales or scabs on the scalp. For some patients, the electrotherapy for scalp be prescribed to promote hair growth. hair transplant procedures can be performed on the bald areas.

salons can attract the services of some trichologists. as part of their services, trichology salons often offer hair and scalp treatments that can help prevent problems. preventive treatment may assist in improving the condition of the scalp and strengthen the hair follicle. one trichologist can also suggest a maintenance regimen for your hair.
some trichologists engaged in clinical research of hair and scalp or are involved in product development. expertise in trichology could be applied to other areas such as forensics. Hair analysis can help an investigation team to verify the identity of a suspect. as a result, a qualified trichologist be asked to testify as an expert in court.

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