How To Lose Weight Gained From Menopause

How To Lose Weight Gained From Menopause
How To Lose Weight Gained From Menopause

Many women find their waistlines expand under menapause. Research has shown that this is not so much to do with hormone fluctuations. There is more to do with a decline in activity, and metabolism and an increase in consumption of calories. Weight gain can have a serious impact on your overall health as well as appearance, we think healthy and shift those pounds

You need:!

. Hour.
Journal / notepad.



Before attempting to change your diet or increasing exercise to keep track of how much you’re now eating and exercising. Being completely honest with yourself by tracking everything that enters the mouth is important. Make a food diary using a journal, notepad or a spreadsheet on your computer.

Increasing amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Not only are these great for reducing calorie counter – !. They are filled with essential nutrients

Protein is important since it is used to build bones, blood, drive the immune system and make hormones. Make sure that the proteins you choose are slim and if you are worried you do not get enough to go to a health food store and take a protein supplement.

Your metabolism slows as you get older and your body needs 200 fewer calories each day to maintain your weight. Try reducing calories equivalent and eat only until you are satisfied. A small warning not cut calories too drastically (f. Ex during 1000) as your body will go into starvation mode and start storing food as fat to save energy

. . Increased estrogen levels during menapause can cause the body to retain more fat. To combat this choosing foods with low saturated fat levels or choose foods with healthy fats such as nuts, olive or peanut oil and canola oil.

A low GI diet will handle insulin imbalances that may have helped you gain weight. Where possible, choose whole grain breads, pasta, etc.

Weight gain can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that creates more weight gain, so get started! Exercise burns calories, tones and shapes and are great for allowing your body to de-stress. Consider joining an exercise class at your local gym it’s a great way to lose weight and make friends

Set small goals for yourself and give yourself non-food rewards for meeting them !. So that book you’ve been wanting, a beauty treatment or going to see a movie.

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