Coconut Oil For Candida Cure

Coconut Oil For Candida Cure
Coconut Oil For Candida Cure

As many as 40 million Americans suffer from overgrowth of a fungus called Candida. Most combat the problem of ineffective drugs and that is only if they are lucky enough to realize it’s candida causing their misery. Coconut oil, however, is a natural weapon against fungus-so potent that it has been proven more effective than over-the-counter drugs (specifically, Diflucan). Better yet, it is cheap, delicious and possesses a number of other advantages

Candida is a fungus that is naturally to the body, but it can sometimes grow unchecked. The symptoms of Candida overgrowth is so extensive that the problem is often misdiagnosed. Candida has proved to be the culprit in cases of fatigue, forgetfulness, mood swings, persistent cough, recurrent sinusitis, chronic fungal infections, blurred vision, impaired lung function, abdominal pain and cramping. Many suffer, without knowing the cause, take up more symptoms individually while Candida continues to grow inside them. In countries where coconuts are consumed daily, candida deposits is particularly low even when the conditions they live in are known to promote Candida overgrowth

The antifungal active ingredients in coconut oil is caprylic acid. , Capric acid and lauric acid. All three of these are medium chain saturated fatty acids that work together to break down the cell walls of microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Caprylic acid have been used by doctors and naturopaths in quite a long time to fight Candida yeast infections. (It is particularly effective in patients who have side effects of anti-fungal drugs.) Capric acid is the quickest and most effective killer of all three strains of Candida, as it goes directly to the plasma membrane of the target cell, dissolved almost immediately. Lauric acid is even more unique: unlike other saturated fats, it is not made in the liver. There are only two significant dietary sources of lauric acid: milk and coconut oil.

In addition to its known population-reducing effect on candida, has coconut oil quite a few other benefits to consider. Research has shown that the oil is medium-fatty acids are powerful metabolism boosters, raise the core body temperature and give your body a strong, clean-burning energy source. The end result? Weight loss. The oil also supports the immune system, protects against cancer and other degenerative diseases. Coconut oil also helps to ward off osteoporosis by promoting effective calcium absorption. Applied topically, it is a potent moisturizer rich in wrinkle-fighting antioxidants

Prevention / Solution
It is best to combat candidiasis with coconut oil using a two-pronged approach :. Internal and external application. First, add about three daily tablespoon coconut oil to your diet. High-quality, extra-virgin coconut oil is easily accessible, edible spoon if you choose it, and a perfectly seamless substitute for other cooking oils. Secondly, if candida symptom you experience is on the surface of the skin (eg, athlete’s foot, jock itch or a yeast infection), apply coconut oil topically to the affected area. Just press a small amount of oil in the area three to four times daily.

Before the benefits of coconut oil was better understood, it had gotten a bad rap in the press because of its saturated fat content. This makes coconut oil sounds unhealthy, but it’s far from it. The natural, unrefined fats in the oil are all medium-chain saturated fats (the type of fat that is most easily converted into energy rather than stored on one’s waistline.) However, it is essential to never purchase hardened coconut oil. The process of hydrogenation destroys the beneficial properties of coconut oil, and creates dangerous trans-fatty acids in the oil. When shopping, look for organic virgin coconut oil, since it is closest to the oil’s natural state, it is most effective against Candida.

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