The Best Tips For Hepatitis C Management

The Best Tips For Hepatitis C Management
The Best Tips For Hepatitis C Management

perhaps the best overall tip for hepatitis C management is to abstain from alcohol. Chronic hepatitis C often leads to cirrhosis or liver failure, and alcohol can accelerate this condition. other tips to control the spread of hepatitis C include careful handling of blood or blood products, and tell your doctor or dentist about the disease in order to protect them. open wounds should be covered, and items that have come in contact with blood, such as razors, should be disinfected. Hepatitis C management involves exploring treatment options and staying abreast of new research.

people with hepatitis C often complain of fatigue and nausea. they may experience pain near the liver, and aching joints and muscles. pain may stem from an enlarged liver or spleen, which should be checked by a doctor. loss of appetite are also common, and some patients begin to lose muscle mass. jaundice, or yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes, is another sign of hepatitis c.
some patients turn to natural or home remedies such as hepatitis C management strategies lemon peels, turmeric and licorice root have all been touted to protect the liver. no alternative medicines or herbs are recommended by the medical community for hepatitis C, but milk thistle tea can ease symptoms. In animal studies, did the plant does not cure hepatitis C, showed benefits to protect the liver from further damage.

Doctors usually advise patients about hepatitis C lead shortly after the disease is diagnosed, doctors explain how the virus spreads and caution patients about alcohol use they routinely tell patients about the possibility of cirrhosis. liver failure or liver cancer. Hepatitis C counseling is important to help the patient live with the disease and stem proliferation.

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