How To Detoxify Your Colon For Overall Health

How To Detoxify Your Colon For Overall Health
How To Detoxify Your Colon For Overall Health

Lifestyle, diet and environmental toxins can cause illness and age the body faster. Here are some things you can do to cleanse your colon

You need:. . .

Limit intake and exposure to environmental toxins and additives. Try to buy organic, natural foods. If you eat meat, be aware that animals injected with pellets that release growth hormone over a period in their system and that processed meat is injected with carbon monoxide to keep their color look “fresh”. Wash all produce good and not keep thinking in the fridge for an extensive period (the label opened containers with the date you opened the seal on items such as pasta sauce, cream cheese, jam, butter, etc). Just because you do not see mold, it does not mean the food is not spoiled. Bottom line, try to eat fresh and healthy food.

You may want to start detoxifying with supplements. Some supplements for detoxification has blood cleansing and antioxidant properties. Second, act as mild diuretics. Supplements can also rid the body of parasites and worms. Among some of the herbs, are Barberry, aloe vera, black walnut, wormwood, yellow dock, Pau darco, uva ursi, yellow dock, etc. Other features chlorophyll, garlic oil, golden seal, spirulina, bee pollen, and argeinine (amino acid ) to mention a few.

Colonics and enemas, soaking in sea salt bath filled tub or seaweed bath is useful to clear the body of toxins and sauna therapy or just any other activity such as sunbathing causing sweating can help over a period. Stay hydrated, avoid exposure to toxins in the environment as much as possible, do not smoke and do not use illegal drugs.

Tips and Warnings

This is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Always consult a doctor when it comes to your health.

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