Ultrametabolism Detox

Ultrametabolism Detox
Ultrametabolism Detox

Designed by Mark Hyman, MD, the Ultrametabolism Diet is based on the principal that Dr. Hyman calls “nutrigenomics” which involves eating whole foods to speed metabolism and reduce inflammation. The eight-week plan begins with a detoxification phase, which eliminates certain food groups to reduce inflammation and jump-start weight loss in the body. This phase lasts three weeks and involves eliminate known allergens from the body

Foods to Avoid
When beginning the three-week detox part of Ultrametabolism Diet, there are certain foods that you should avoid. These include dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese or egg ;. And wheat products, such as bread, biscuits or corn

These foods are usually associated with common food allergies, such as allergies to gluten contained in wheat. The purpose of eliminating these foods from your diet is to see if you are allergic to these foods. They are slowly re-introduced into the body in the next phase to test how well the body tolerates them.

Foods to consume
The Ultrametabolism Diet requires followers to eat whole foods, like vegetables, fruits, beans and lean meats. Recipes in this phase include a roasted vegetable casserole, meatloaf with vegetables, roasted shrimp or soups containing vegetables. In addition, the book on diet, Dr. Hyman has also released The Ultrametabolism Cookbook, which gives recipes for detox part of the diet. As a general rule, but you should choose from the aforementioned food groups and cook with all-natural foods contain no preservatives.

stress Reduction
In addition to eating certain foods, recommends Dr. Hyman reduce a person’s amount of stress during the detox phase to prevent inflammation. Stress increases the body’s levels of cortisol, which can cause inflammation tissues. Aims detox phase is to eliminate inflammation, engaging in stress relieving activities such as meditation, yoga, writing in a journal, or other forms of exercise can help.

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