Lemon Detox Cleanse

Lemon Detox Cleanse
Lemon Detox Cleanse

Made popular primarily by celebrity Beyonce Knowles, the lemon detox cleanse diet is one of the latest fad diets to gain in popularity. Also known as the lemonade diet, lemon detox cleanse is really a 10-day fasting program, aided by an unusual lemony mixture

How Follow Lemon Detox Cleanse
For 10 days, you can not eat solid food. But, there you can have up to 10 tall glasses with lemon juice “cocktail” containing purified water, organic lemon juice, cayenne pepper and organic grade B maple syrup. But that’s not all, you get to drink salt water in the morning and a laxative tea at night.

part of an extreme detox diet called the Master Cleanse, this program began over 60 years ago. Invented by nutritionist Stanley Burroughs, who wrote the book “The Master Cleanser” back in 1976, cleanse lemon detox has a new generation of fans who buy the book and try it out yourself.
Celebrity reviews

Although the taste of the cocktail can barely edible, musician / actress Beyonce Knowles appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show in 2007, singing the praises of this lemony cleaning schedule. Beyonce says that weight loss was her motivation for trying the program. She told the world that she manages dropped 20 pounds with lemon detox cleanse, to prepare for her starring role in “Dreamgirls.”
In fact it seems that Beyonce has been a big advocate of this diet, if you visit the main US website promoting it. Beyonce is on this web site promoting a particular type of maple syrup for use in making lemon detox cleanse.

Another celebrity who has spoken out about her success with lemon detox cleanse is Robin koggerne, the sidekick of Howard Stern. Quivers told People magazine that she dropped a total of 73 pounds of lemon detox cleanse, and also said that the diet helped fight fatigue and alleviate joint pain to boot.
useful tips

It is recommended that two days prior to the beginning of the treatment, to begin colon cleansing seawater treatment. A teaspoon sea salt should be added to a 24-ounce, warm glass of purified water. This saline solution can be drank once in the morning and once at night. Please note that from this saltwater cleanse can cause frequent bowel movements, as it is designed to start the colon cleansing process.

After the beginning of the lemon drink, continue to drink it over salt water, drink at least once a day. If you’ve never been on a fast before, it might be a good idea to just implement cleaned for three days, the first time you do it. Although not a long term weight loss program, lemon detox cleanse can be performed several times a year, maybe once every season. Although you may experience rapid weight loss on the lemon detox cleanse, remember that it is primarily meant for detoxification purposes.

According Lemon Detox. com, the acidity of the lemon juice acts as an “internal detergent” to dissolve excess fat and cayenne helps speed up your metabolism, thus “promoting circulation and elimination of toxins.” They say that they drink provides enough nutrients to support the body’s “alert works “and” assimilated directly into the bloodstream. “

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