How To Make Healthy Family Meals

How To Make Healthy Family Meals
How To Make Healthy Family Meals

Anyone with children knows how difficult it is to prepare a meal that is also healthy and liked by the masses. Someone at the table is bound to look at a healthy meal as if they are asked to eat worms. But is it possible to make the pickiest families happy and enjoy a healthy meal together. Learn how you can serve up healthy family meals here

You need:.
Low-fat meat and cheese Mobile skim or 1% milk.

Smaller portions.
Fat-free olive oil or butter spray.

Plan menus for the weekend. This keeps you from scrambling and grabbing the easiest available in the freezer or pantry to still hungry natives.

By introducing something new server it up with a known, well-liked meal to tone down shock. They can be fooled into thinking that they have seen it before.

Instead of butter or olive oil mills, use butter or olive oil spray. This will cut out the fat without giving up flavor.

Substitute lean ground turkey for ground beef in recipes. Use a small fat-free beef gravy or broth if a red-meat flavor is called for.

Use low-fat or no-fat cheese and switch to 1% or skim milk.

Make vegetables a fixed item on the menu, but no drowning in cheese to cover them up. Fresh steamed vegetables can be tossed in the wok, pasta and tomato sauce or a splash of low-fat Parmesan sprinkled on them to facilitate their admission if it becomes a real problem.


Use whole grain breads, rice and pasta for side dishes instead of white flours. They are not only lower in calories but may be higher in protein and fiber.

Pieces should be a half plate of vegetables, 1/4 meat and 1/4 of starch for the healthiest combination.

Tips and Warnings

Make healthier lifestyle apply to the whole family for the best rate of success.

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