How To Avoid Machines

How To Avoid Machines
How To Avoid Machines

Make machines at work smile when they see you coming? Is it difficult to resist the afternoon sugary snacks? You can make better decisions for your health. Read on to learn how to avoid machines

Take a portion-controlled, prepackaged, reduced calorie snack and a piece of fresh fruit to work with you every day. Do not store a box of ready-calorie snacks in the office. If you have trouble resisting machine, you may end up eating all your snacks out of anxiety or nervousness about resolved to stay away from the vending machines. Eat snacks when you are physically hungry instead of heading to the vending machine.

Bring three 16oz bottles of water to work with you. Keep them cold or at room temperature. Drink them at first thought on the way to machine. Drink a whole bottle each time to Quelch urge to eat from the vending machine.

Partner with a staff member. Promise each other that when the urge strikes or if you just upset that you arouse your partner and take a 2 minute walk around the office. During this 2-minute walk, tell each other how proud you are of the other person’s obligation to avoid vending machine.

Tips and Warnings

If you have a few of days, do not kick yourself. If you avoided the vending machine every day this week, there is progress!

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