How To Keep A Food And Exercise Journal To Lose Weight

How To Keep A Food And Exercise Journal To Lose Weight
How To Keep A Food And Exercise Journal To Lose Weight

Keeping a food and exercise journal is a very effective way to lose weight. I lost most weight during the times that I did this. This article provides some steps to get started

You need:. .
A small laptop or anything else that you can keep with you and use as a diary

A private place to store it.



To begin, start with recording the foods that you eat every day, and the exercise that you do. Do not count things like office work and housework. For now, just be very general and unspecific. Do not worry portion sizes, or anything like that. If you eat nachos, just write nachos. If you drink soda, just write soda. If you went to the park, just write it. What you try to do is just get used to the idea of ??being responsible for food and exercise.

Acknowledging that the first step is actually the biggest obstacle. What you will see is that only by keeping a very generalized journal, you will probably lose weight. Instead of just gobbling food and sit doing nothing, you’ll be more likely to make better food choices and exercise a little. What you do is to develop accountability, which is a major step towards losing weight.

The next step is to bring food and exercise journal to the next level. Begin to be more specific, as best you can. Try to distinguish between a large portion of french fries from a small one. Distinguish one half mil walk from a 2 mil brisk walk on hilly terrain. Just start being more detailed. This will continue to help you to be responsible for diet and exercise, and will also help you track your weight loss patterns. If you lose weight in a particular week, you will be able to look back and see why. Of course the same would be the case if you get. You will get to record why.

When you are very comfortable with keeping records in this way, take it to the last level, where you are very specific about calories eaten and burned. It is wise to get a food scale to help you measure portions, and a book of calories, so you can accurately count them. It is wise to get a pedometer, or wrist-GPS, or a device to help you accurately track hiking and other activities. At this point the goal is to just get the calories eaten be less than calories burned.

Also, use your journal to keep track of how much water you drink, which should be at least 64 oz. per day. Also use it to keep track of your feelings when they eat and exercising. Doing this will help you to track patterns and eventually change them. For example, overeat when I’m angry or nervous. Seeing this pattern is the first step toward changing it. A food and exercise journal really works. Give it a try, at whatever level of detail you can.

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