Rapid Detox Procedures

Rapid Detox Procedures
Rapid Detox Procedures

Opiate addiction is a growing problem worldwide. Morphine, opium and heroin is hard to stop because opiates in drug even attach to the body quickly. A popular new method of treatment of opiate dependence, rapid drug detox. Advocates claim that it can cure a physical dependence in one hospital visit

It is important to be screened before processing. If you are not listed, you can find out too late that you were not healthy enough for the procedure. Screening is also necessary to see what specific treatment will be used and how intense it must be. Doctors will assess damage to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. They will use this information to determine which chemical imbalances have occurred in the brain as a result of your dependence. Your treatment will attempt to re-balance the chemicals.

The next step in the rapid detox procedure is anesthesia. The safest and most common method of anesthesia is gas. The doctor will insert a tube in your nose and talk to you while the gas flows. The flow is slow enough that you will not notice when you lose consciousness.

Cleaning of opiate receptors
The procedure for cleaning the opiate receptors takes four to six hours. Once you are sedated, begin treatment. The medications that are selected based on your needs will be provided in a steady stream. While being treated, you will be monitored constantly for signs of pain or discomfort. More anesthesia will be administered if necessary.

Rapid Withdrawal Symptoms
One or two hours into the procedure, the rapid withdrawal symptoms begin. Opiate withdrawal symptoms are cold sweat, uncontrollable diarrhea, vomiting and sickness, aching limbs, depression and panic. Usually these symptoms occur slowly and only become serious slowly. However, with rapid detox occurs quickly and can be painful. After your symptoms easily and your body has been cleansed, you will wake up with no physical addiction to opiates. Beating the mental addiction is your next step.

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