Problems With Xenadrine

Problems With Xenadrine
Problems With Xenadrine

Xenadrine, a weight loss supplement, is known to dramatically increase energy. Along with this boost comes a host of side effects, especially for people who do not participate in adequate physical activity to burn off Xenadrine. Side effects include anxiety, convulsions, dizziness, stomach problems and skin stains

problems related to anxiety
Xenadrine increases heart rate, which may cause a nervous feeling and anxiety. Extreme anxiety may cause shaking. But these feelings usually subside within a few hours after taking the supplements.

Problems associated with Dehydration
Xenadrine increases body heat and dehydrates the body. Adverse events related to dehydration include sweating and thirst. Seizures may occur if dehydration is severe, as the muscles in your body does not have enough water to function properly.

Dizziness and circulatory problems
Xenadrine increases the heart rate to increase energy, but this can also cause circulation problems. Circulation problems affecting the brain and cause dizziness, dizziness and headache. Anyone taking Xenadrine may also experience numbness in hands and feet.

stomach Problems
upset stomach is a common side effect that is related to anxiety and dehydration. Cramping, nausea and general abdominal pain are common side effects.

skin Spots
Xenadrine contains mood booster tyrosine, which affects melanin in the body. Melanin affects skin color, so some people experience spotting on the skin. This spotting declines within a few days of going out of Xenadrine.

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