Diet Tips For A Healthy Heart

Diet Tips For A Healthy Heart
Diet Tips For A Healthy Heart

Maintaining a healthy heart can be a key to the overall health of your body. Diet and nutrition play important roles in the health of your heart, so by watching what you eat, you can increase your chances of having a long and healthy life with heart

Lower Fat and Salt Intake
Fat causes the heart to work harder, so you should limit the amount of fat in your diet. Your total fat intake should be 30 percent or less of all the foods that you eat in a day. You must be especially careful of saturated fat, but in truth, is not fat well in excess.

Looks fat intake means checking food labels on the things that you eat. It also means making positive choices. Although the proteins you eat may contain high fat count if you do not choose them properly. Choose lean meat and avoid large servings of fried food or dessert products.

Choose low-sodium options at the grocery store and avoid adding salt to meals. Choose reduced salt sauces for topping, and use herbs and spices instead of table salt on meat and vegetables.

eating fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables should be a big part of your daily diet. Try to eat at least one serving at every meal and for snacks between meals. For breakfast, you can drink juice, or slice a banana or some fresh strawberries over your cereal. Make yourself a smoothie with low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit and ice. Or make fruit, yogurt and granola for a breakfast parfait.

For lunch, a salad or a cup of vegetable soup with the meal. This will help you eat less of the unhealthy or high-fat options you may require, too. Include vegetables on your sandwich by adding lettuce, tomato, sprouts or cucumber slices. Eat carrots and celery sticks with low fat vegetable dip, or add an apple in lunch box every day.

For dinner, make some broccoli and add balsamic vinaigrette flavoring. Or add vegetables to wok or toppings on your pizza. Give yourself a green salad, and make sure that the disc contains 1/2 to 2/3 vegetable content.

For snacks, eat celery with peanut butter on top, or dip green pepper hummus. Toss some grapes into a baggie and keep them with you, and eat them with a granola bar for a hearty and healthy snacks.

Choose whole grains
Switch to whole-grain bread products to make a big impact on your diet and helping to regulate blood pressure. Use whole wheat flour instead of white in your baking. Eat whole-grain bread for sandwiches and toast. Snack on whole-grain crackers with peanut butter topping, and even ask for whole-wheat pizza crust next time you order.

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