Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet
Cholesterol Diet

According to Collins Essential Free Dictionary, “Cholesterol is a fatty alcohol found in all animal fats, tissues and fluids, a surplus which is thought to contribute to cardiovascular disease.” Many foods such as nuts, vegetable oils, soy products, avocados and even prepared foods can contain large amounts of fat but no cholesterol. You will get the daily requirement of soy products, legumes and nuts

Cholesterol-Free Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal, as we have all heard many times. Egg white omelettes with melted soy cheese is one option. Try granola with fresh berries and soy, rice or almond milk. You can also enjoy whole-grain toast with peanut butter and jelly. Tofu scramble with mushrooms, onions and peppers makes a filling breakfast.

Cholesterol-Free Lunch
A number of lunches can be resolved without cholesterol choices. Grilled tofu slices with tomato and lettuce on whole-grain bread or grilled soy cheese sandwiches are healthy and hearty. Salads with avocado, walnuts and lots of vegetables is another option. Lentils, beans and brown rice is tasty vegetarian soups. For dessert cobblers and pies made with whole-wheat flour, egg whites and fruit.

Cholesterol-Free Dinner
Health food grocery stores contains a wide variety of soy products. Try soy hamburger with soy cheese, lettuce, tomato and spicy mustard. Brown rice with curry and black beans with onions and tomatoes are delicious as a main course or side dish. Vegetarian lasagna with tofu, tomato sauce and soy cheese is a tasty meal. Baked potato with olive oil and vegetables makes a great accompaniment with spinach salad with walnuts and soy bacon. It may take some time to develop a taste for soy products, but to be creative with herbs and spices to add flavor.

Cholesterol-Free Snacks
Most of us love to snack during the day when we are hungry. There are many varieties of vegetable chips, corn chips and potato chips to indulge in. Be careful when choosing chips or snacks as the label reads zero cholesterol. Nuts are a healthy snack, especially when eaten raw. For raw fruits and vegetables, make tasty dips made with soy yogurt. A special treat you can enjoy is cocoa that has no cholesterol.

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